Designhype-San-Francisco-Metro-Cuff-black_grandeTiffany Burnett of Designhype uses design to inspire, connect, educate and empower female travelers to explore and experience the world in a state of bliss! Their mission is inspired by the thought of being able to go anywhere in the world without a single worry in mind.

The Metro Cuff Series developed during Tiffany’s Industrial Design Master’s thesis, in which she explored experiences of confidence and security while women travel alone around the world. After interviewing a woman who had moved to New York but still felt like a tourist, she decided there had to be a better alternative to the large foldout subway map, a more discreet and inconspicuous way to navigate the subway. The first ever Metro Cuff, featuring a black NYC subway map, emerged as the solution. This cuff launched in 2009 and they haven’t looked back.

Designhype is committed to producing high quality products in a sustainable manner. All of their jewelry is made of stainless steel, an inherently sustainable material. Their cuffs and necklaces are 100% recyclable and tarnish-resistant.